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Announcement - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Announcement - Nov 18, 2017
Royal Canadian Mounted Police


After much discussion, debate, and planning at the senior and unit leadership level - we are returning to our roots as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The following adaptions will take us forward:

  • SAPP will be no more, the RCMP will return
  • SAFE, and OCC will remain untouched
  • SIU will be no more, all persons will investigate issues 
  • We will establish 3 unique divisions realistic to the RCMP
  • Active RCMP members will be integrated into leadership
  • CIV will be under reassessment, further info to follow

Three (3) unique divisions will be established:

Transition Info:

  • Executive leadership changes will be effective immediately
  • IT platforms will be updated and changed, including pack, teamspeak, website and skins
  • Leadership has approved, further discussion will establish and adapt strategies
  • Developers will be reassessed, those remaining will be financially compensated via Staff Rewards
  • Unit level changes will occur systematically, not immediately 
  • a 5:1 supervisor reporting structure will be established

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