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Civilian Program

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Dear Community,

The Inspector's office has been consistently looking at how we can develop our Civilian Program to improve roleplay in the community. The topic of appointing a Civilian Coordinator has been repeatedly discussed in order to accomplish this goal.

With that being said we would like to thank and congratulate Almeida on his appointment as Civilian Coordinator. Almeida will not be filling this role forever and we are leveraging his experience with starting new programs within Mounties Gaming.

If anyone has any questions regarding the Civilian Program please address them to Almeida.


Who can be a Civilian?

With these changes, the Inspector's Office and Civilian Coordinator feel it's necessary to no longer treat the Civilian program as a sub-unit since everyone that is currently in the GTA Community is to be considered a Civilian.

We appreciate your cooperation with Almeida in regards to all Civilian affairs

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