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Possible War with Russia!

Controlled detonation in the middle east by United States S.E.A.L. Team forces, preventing devastating nuclear warhead from falling into enemy hands! Could Russian government be involved?




                   After an undercover operation in the middle east was conducted, a nuclear warhead was discovered and ordered to be detonated in a controlled manner to avoid it's possible use on a civilian population.  United States M.A.R.S.O.C. units were first deployed to the area in an attempt to locate the weapon, but were ambushed by trained paramilitary men wearing Russian Special Forces uniforms.  A U.S. S.E.A.L. Team was subsequently sent in with orders to located and detonate the warhead in a controlled explosion before the weapon could be armed in an atomic fashion and be deployed.  


                  Initially, information regarding how ISIS forces obtained the ordinance was unknown, but yesterday, July 11, 2017, United States Department of Defense Secretary James Mattis confirmed that the warhead was delivered into ISIS hands by a privatized military organization originating from the Russian Military.



                   At this time, the Russian government deny any and all allegations that the Russian military sanctioned such activity. Private meetings are scheduled to be held within the next week with high ranking government officials from the United Nations and the Russian Government to discuss the events, while President Putin assures that a full scale investigation against this separatist organization or Russian militants will be conducted to fully uncover their intentions and prosecute any and all responsible for the dispersal of weaponry to terrorist hands.


                  Many are speculating that the Russian military could have secretly been involved in this whole ordeal and that an all out war with Russia could be just over the horizon.  Many fear that Russia stood to benefit from an excuse to send Russian forces further into the middle east and that if any truth is uncovered regarding Russia's knowledge or sanction of supplying ISIS with nuclear weaponry, is could mean the beginning of World War III!


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Very intriguing. The US will be ramping up it's military forces, and SEAL Team 8 stands ready to face off against any and all threats, that's for sure.


SEAL Team 8 is always recruiting highly motivated individuals who want to serve in an elite unit performing clandestine operations in foreign territory.

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Just because some people have come to me with concerns, let me just make sure I clear this up people....THIS IS FAKE, IT IS FOR THE ARMA STORY LINE.  Russia is not actually supplying ISIS with nuclear bombs in real life....well at least not to my knowledge.

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