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Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Anyone have the game Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PC? (The 2000s one, not the just recently announced remake!)


If so, I'd like to get a big game going if we can get enough people, there are some great mods out there that add a LOT of content like Clone Wars Extended 2.0



For anyone who doesn't have it, it can be picked up for like $2.50 - $5.00 during sales, or off of G2A. It's super cheap, and runs great even on older machines or laptops, and it's super fun and easy to get into. Post below or gimme a shout if you have it and would be interested!




I'm just imaging a huge 20+ team of Mounties members playing as clones or storm troopers or jedi or droids :D :D :D

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Woah, that's an old game!  I remember playing it on the original xBox.  Good times, good times.  I think I still remember to code for unlimited ammo and consumables.  I'll look into buying it when I get home.

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