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MGC YouTube Videos (Post Them Here)

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MGC Members,


Please post your YouTube Program videos in this thread. The format should be as follows:


"Video Title"


"Video Link"




Mounties Gaming - GTA IV Patrol - Suspect Arrested at Gun Point 



Please ensure that you only post one video per post utilizing the above format.


Some important links

-MGC YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE

-MGC Public Relations Twitter: CLICK HERE

-MGC YouTube Program: CLICK HERE




Ranger, Executive Board Member

MGC Board of Directors

Public Relations Manager


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Mounties Gaming Patrol (LSPDFR) #2: Protest Shuts Down Road, Multiple Arrests & Prisoner Transport 



DESCRIPTION: San Andreas Provincial Police (SAPP) patrol members responded to a protest that was actively blocking traffic. When members arrived on scene, the protesters decided to refuse lawful orders and instead remained on the road. One protester decided to assault a police officer and flee from police. The protester was subsequently arrested. Two other protesters were arrested and an additional person was arrested near by. An SAPP Prisoner Transport unit was sent to the scene to load up all the arrested parties. The arrested persons were transported to Mission Row SAPP Detachment where they were put into holding cells. Further charges are pending against the protesters.

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Mounties Gaming (LSPDFR) GANG WARS #1 - Bloods vs Red Scorpions: Shoot Out & Press Conference




"This is the first episode of a new mini series that I'm doing within the Mounties Gaming Community's GTA 5 sub community. Basically, it all starts off with a serious gang shoot out between 2 rival gangs; the Bloods and the Red Scorpions. The Bloods control South Los Santos, while the Red Scorpions control West Los Santos. There's growing conflicts between the 2 gangs over territory, drugs, illegal firearms, and rivalries between specific gangsters. The conflict is escalating, finally turning into a full out GANG WAR between the 2 gangs. The police are left trying to investigate, apprehend, prevent and stop the war from continuing. The first episode features the initial incident (GANG SHOOT OUT), second episode will feature an operation that leads to the arrest of one of the shooters (attempted murder), while the other episodes will feature prisoner and VIP escorts, shootings, cool investigations, and more. Let me know if this is something you'll enjoy and especially give me a LIKE if you want the series to continue! :) "

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