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NEW MGC YouTube Program

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Mounties Gaming Community Members,


It brings me great pleasure that I can share this with all of you today. After several weeks of discussing the current YouTube Program with Command Staff, Senior Management, and Regular Members, I combined everyone's feedback, criticisms, and methods of improvement to complete a total revamp of the YouTube Program. The new program has been approved by the MGC Board of Directors and has the backing of Sub Community Senior Management. 


New MGC YouTube Program: CLICK HERE


I hope this new program encourages more of you to post MGC videos on YouTube and to become more active with your individual channels. I'm wanting to host some informal sessions where I can help eligible MGC YouTube Program members with their channels by providing advice, guidance, and useful information.


Thank you to all the members that provided me with excellent feedback and useful information on how we can improve the Program. 


Start posting some videos!




Ranger, Executive Board Member

MGC Board of Directors

Public Relations Manager


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