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  1. December 13, 2017 Royal Canadian Mounted Police FiveM Server Update - 1.01 Effective immediately, the following server changes have occurred: We have brought winter to San Andreas! The weather is now set to snow by default and will remain until after winter. A new death script has been implemented. When you die in game your body now remains and you do not respawn by default. You can respawn by having a member of SAFE do /revive ID or if there are no SAFE members you can use /revive Server time and weather are now synced among all players. At the beginning of each patrol, the Watch Commander can use the command /time HH MM to set the time and the command /weather WEATHER to set the weather. **Be advised that the weather command will not work while the snow script is enabled on the server. An RCMP helicopter has been implemented under the Maverick Police helicopter slot. The LifeFlight helicopter has been re-implemented under the Buckingham Supervolito slot. The Bearcat (Brute Police Riot Van) has had a skin change to RCMP. All uniforms under the Cop Male and Sheriff Male slots have been re-textured, fixing any previous texture errors. A Cadet variant has been added to the Sheriff Male PED slot. An updated Delete Vehicle script has been enabled. Usage is /dv As always the following documents have been updated to reflect all server changes: Server Commands Vehicles and Uniforms If you have any questions, please direct them up your chain of command. Happy holidays from the Development Team! -- Regards, Jeff, Senior Manager Head of Business Development Royal Canadian Mounted Police jeff@grandtheftauto.ca Ben, Developer Grand Theft Auto Development Team Royal Canadian Mounted Police ben@grandtheftauto.ca Pierce, Developer Grand Theft Auto Development Team Royal Canadian Mounted Police pierce@grandtheftauto.ca
  2. Hi all, I wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know that Grand Theft Auto V is 50% off today on Steam for their Cyber Monday sale. For anyone who has been wanting to purchase the game but has not had the funds to do so, you can get it today for $29.99 USD. The link to the Steam Store can be found here. Happy purchasing!
  3. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy birthday Exact!

    I would recommend contacting a CTO :)
  5. Follow as well for MG patrols, some Siege, and of course fun times... https://www.twitch.tv/jtvrp
  6. PUBG

    Good game, i'd be down
  7. Update #2: All feedback, questions, and concerns can be directed to the following people via website message. Inspector Tek Inspector Michael S/Sgt. Zion Sgt. Jeff All of these members will be happy to take feedback and answer any questions.
  8. Grand Theft Auto Meeting Recordings - 7/23/2017 Part 1 - https://soundcloud.com/jtv-817379151/grand-theft-auto-meeting-724-part-1 Includes all discussion before the pod breakout part of the meeting. Part 2 - https://soundcloud.com/jtv-817379151/grand-theft-auto-meeting-723-part-2 Includes all discussion following the breakout part of the meeting.
  9. Hello Everyone

  10. March Madness... It's Coming

    Definitely down for this... Love March Madness!
  11. Helpful Quizes for New People

    Great initiative Tanner! I like it!