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Cpl. Blackhawk

SAPP Corporal
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    Join up!!!
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    It was fun, good luck in your future endeavors!
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    This is awesome! Excellent job Torque!
  4. March Madness... It's Coming

    Brackets are ready!! Be sure to fill yours out before March 16th!! Get ready for the Madness!
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  6. March Madness... It's Coming

    Got an E-Mail you want me to send it to, or your community E-Mail?
  7. March Madness... It's Coming

    Message me your E-Mail Jeff and we can get this going!
  8. March Madness... It's Coming

    Go ahead and message me your E-Mail Thomas and I'll set you up.
  9. Alright College fans, It's that time of the year again (my favorite time of the year), and March Madness is rapidly approaching. I have made a NCAA Tournament Bracket group if anyone would like to join and play along throughout the tournament. If you want to join, message me, or comment below! Selection Sunday - March 12, 2017 Let the Madness begin!!!!
  10. The Future of Emergency Services Roleplay

    I believe the developers intend to make all of them open to modding with the final releases.
  11. The Future of Emergency Services Roleplay

    Again, all of them are in very early development stages Dive, keep that in mind.
  12. The Future of Emergency Services Roleplay

    That is exactly what happened. But yea EmegerNYC is furthest in development so far.
  13. Hello everyone, Just a little something for you guys to look at. Especially the ones who love Police Roleplay and Simulation. Here are some games that are currently in development, or early testing stages, that are being created by some developers who understand the thousands of gamers that love police roleplay. The reason for this post is to inform those of you who may not be aware of theses games, and to possibly get some more support/funding for the developers. They want to make these games these best, but can’t do it without our support. So please, go check out these games. I put them in a ordered list (1-3) to rank them in my personal favor. See if you agree! Number 3 Game: Responding Developer: Visionary Studios Website: YouTube Channel: Are you ready to step into the boots of a member of the Emergency Services on the streets of New York City? Responding attempts to recreate the real life trials and tribulations of the FDNY, NYPD and EMS services that keep the streets of the Big apple safe. Our goal is to create an experience never before equaled in terms of Scale, content and philosophy. Choose your career path, be a firefighter, a cop or a paramedic and then specialize those roles as you respond to some of the most rewarding challenges we can throw at you. Have you got what it takes? Responding has been in development since 2012, working to bring one of the best emergency services simulation game to the market. Development is currently in the Pre-Alpha stages, and will soon be released for players to test it, and help the developers make it a great game. Number 2 Game: EmergeNYC Developer: FlipSwitch Games Website: YouTube Channel: EmergeNYC aims towards the fans of games such as Emergency 4, Grand Theft Auto / LCPD:FR, giving an accurate and realistic simulation that is easy to balance between casual play and role playing. It will also be flexible for players of all ages and tastes. This game has the possibility to be something revolutionary in RTS gaming. Not only in the gaming community, but also in the Fire Department, Police Department and other Emergency Services. Although currently being in the Pre-Alpha stage, the Tech Demo is available on Steam for $34.99. The game is not completely developed, and is constantly being updated, so be warned if you buy it (I personally own it and I think it is great). At the time, being heavily focused on Firefighting, the developers are working on Police and EMS roles to put into the game. This is one game that I can’t wait to see published. Number 1 Game: Police 10-13 Developer: Wingman Games Website: YouTube Channel: Wingman games are currently focusing very hard on the core aspect of the game which is to create an immersive police simulator. However, additional branches like EMS and Firefighting are being added in a future DLC. Police 10-13 will offer a variety of law enforcement roles over time during our different release strategies. Water police, K9 unit, SWAT, Undercover, narcotics division, homicide investigation unit, coroner, Highway Patrol and dispatch. Ah yes, probably the most anticipated emergency services roleplay game today. Police10-13 offers a wide variety of policing roles, as well as other emergency services roles. They are still in development, but are showing promising results. The teaser trailers look great, and make people anxious to get there hands on it. They are planning to release the Alpha stages soon so we can finally get a taste of a very long anticipated game. These games show that people out there have seen and listened to the emergency services community, and realized just how popular it really is. Go read these developers stories, and find out how dedicated they are to bring these games to us. By all means, go spread the word and help these guys with funding. They are offering some pretty sweet benefits to those you fund them, so go check them out! If all goes well, maybe we can see one of these games be a subcommunity within Mounties, or replace FiveReborn/GTA V all together!!