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  1. Torque, Thank you very much for sharing your story with all of us. People are the one thing that can't be replaced, and I'm glad to hear that you, along with your family are alive and well. People don't realize that things like this can happen to anyone and everyone at anytime. It also just goes to show that you shouldn't take anything for granted, because you can quickly lose everything you have. Stay positive Torque. I think everyone goes though various tragedies throughout their life, and clearly you've been though some hard ones. My thoughts go out to you and your family (along with the others affected), and hope that you all continue to grow positively and manage to reclaim your lives. It's always good to talk about it, it helps get your story out there and make an impact on others lives. You have such a big support group here in the Mounties Community, and we're all here for you. If you need to talk, let me know :) -Chad
  2. Helpful Quizes for New People

    Tanner, this is great! You've shown a lot of great qualities since joining the Auxiliary program last week, and the initiative you've shown is great. Keep up the good work, Tanner!
  3. Have A Few Questions

    As mentioned in the shoutbox, it takes a few days. For now you can sit back, and a member of our Recruitment and Retention Team (RRT) will review your application. Make sure to check your email and your SPAM folder over the next few days. Hope this helps! Regards,
  4. New Gaming Mouse

    This is the one I have: Bought it for like $50 or $60 from Best Buy last year, works pretty good and I like it.
  5. Headsets

    Hey Doyle, I personally have a Logitech, I got it on Amazon and it works really well! Logitech Surround Sound Gaming Headset G430 Hope you get a new headset soon!