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  1. I need to know when we have the highest number of members available for the Constables vs. NCO's GTA Online Team Deathmatch. What I'm looking for is: Are you most likely to be available between Wednesday 7/12 and Friday 7/14? Sunday 7/16 and Tuesday 7/18? Wednesday 7/19 and Saturday 7/22? I will be out of town Wednesday 7/19-Sunday 7/23 but please don't let that influence your decision. If most people can participate while I'm gone, I'm ok with that. There will be other times when we can have fun outside of the patrol setting. Please respond, as I want to decide on a date by Watch Briefing tomorrow. Thanks!! Cpl. Noledad
  2. Hello Everyone

    Looking forward to having you back, Copper.
  3. Have you ever wanted to just unload on one of your NCO's and not get in (too much) trouble for it? Well, listen up, because you'll get the chance very soon!! I'm working on a "Constables vs. NCO's" Team Deathmatch in GTA Online, and there *will* be a prize awarded. I need to nail down a date that will draw the most participation, and make sure that we include the chaps who reside in time zones across the pond and the blokes who live down under. SAFE members, you're invited as well. After all, you keep us alive (most of the time anyways) and you're very important to our every day duties. I'm open to suggested deathmatches (if you know of any by name) and if you've created one that you'd like us to try, that might not be out of the question, either. Look for another post in the next day or two, when the details have all been discussed and (somewhat) finalized. Stay tuned!! -James / Cpl. Noledad
  4. Farewell

    Alex - it was a pleasure working in FTP with you and helping to teach you the ways and means of the SAPP. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope to see you on the roads in ATS soon!! Until we meet again, my friend... Be well. James / Noledad
  5. Hello Mounties Gaming

    Welcome aboard, Matthew. I'm also a baseball and hockey fan, and I'm an FTO, so if/when you get into the program, maybe I'll be able to guide your path to becoming a full Constable! I also happen to have a son named Matthew... Inception?!
  6. I can't speak for Torque but I ate all my dinner before the "Matlock" marathon, so I got a free day and a free "early bird special".
  7. Torque, we're just old, my brother!
  8. First one I remember was just called "Baseball" on the Atari 2600 (yes, I'm THAT old). My dad would play against me and my brother & sister and beat us every time because he figured out how to hit home runs and wouldn't pass that information onto us.
  9. FiveReborn help

    Hi, AlClemBee... What do you mean by "zoomed in"? I'm trying to get a mental picture of what you're talking about. You can try holding "CTRL" and scroll your mouse wheel down. Not sure if that works in GTA or not. Also, form the "is your TV plugged in, sir?" category, did you try changing the camera angle in-game? That's all I've got. -Noledad
  10. March Madness... It's Coming

    I'm there!! My Noles are gonna make some noise. Watch out for us!! I just gotta figure out which one I want to enter (I filled out two of them).
  11. Fort McMurray Wildfire 2016... my story

    Torque I had no idea such a traumatic thing had happened to you, brother. I've had a couple myself, and I've never actually sat down and written it all out, but here goes... The first was in 2008, 2 days before my birthday. My wife of just over 5 years had been sick for about a week (head and chest cold) and had taken a couple of different OTC meds for it, to my knowledge. Come to find out, it was more like 4 or 5 different meds. I was doing what I normally did to wind down - race online with my XBL friends. She came to bed around midnight, so I moved the operation out to the living room and continued racing for 2 hours. Just after 2am, I decided to call it a night when one of my buddies was kinda harassing me, in a joking way. I shut down and went to the bedroom, to find my wife laying on the bed at an angle on the mattress. I nudged her to get her to move over but she didn't respond. I nudged her again, nothing. I started to shake her, in an attempt to wake her up, no response. I knew something was wrong right then and there. I looked around in a panic, trying to find my cell phone and couldn't find it. I looked for her cell phone, nowhere to be found. We lived in an apartment complex, so our neighbors were all close by. I went outside and across the hall and knocked on the door. The lady came to the door and I explained what was going on and asked her to call 911 for me. She did and then handed me the phone. While on the phone with the operator, she told me how to do CPR. Already knowing it wasn't going to help, I did it anyways. As expected, it didn't help at all. The police and EMS showed up a few minutes later and I was able to get one of them to call my wife's phone, so I could find it and use it. I called my parents and then had to call my inlaws - who were and still are divorced and don't talk ever - and my brother-in-law, who was very fresh out of a 4-year stint in the US Army, and had been diagnosed with PTSD. I also called my gamer buddy who had been giving me grief while racing and told him what was going on. At first he didn't believe me, but when I used his real name (rather than his online name/gamer tag), he knew I was serious. What I didn't mention in all of this was the fact that my 3 children were in their beds, asleep the entire time. They were 5, 4 and 2 at the time. They didn't wake up throughout the entire scene. We were able to get them loaded into 3 separate cars and take them to my parents' house, about 25 minutes away. The rest of the events from that day are kinda a blur. My older kids are now 14, 13 and almost 12. I still have a good relationship with their paternal grandfather and a cordial relationship with their maternal grandmother. I still talk to and text with my buddy Jason (from XBL) all the time. He's one of my closest friends, even though we've never met in person. I've since remarried (in 2009) and we have a 4th child, who is 6. I've never been diagnosed with PTSD but I'm sure if I went and laid this all out with a shrink, I'd be on the borderline. But I really despise psychologists and psychiatrists, so I refuse to talk to one. The more recent one happened just under 11 months ago. My 11 year old son had a Tae Kwon Do tournament on his birthday. We all went (my wife, mother-in-law and kids) to support him and he ended up winning 3 medals, and receiving an invite to a special competition within the World competition, that was being held in Baton Rouge, this past July. So needless to say, he was excited and we were all happy for him. We went and ate lunch with my parents (and maybe my sister, I don't remember). After lunch, the girls all went shopping - imagine that... The boys and I headed home to check on my father-in-law, who was bedridden with a myriad of ailments. He was usually in good spirits, as long as he had his westerns or a sporting event to watch on tv. We stopped by, got him some lunch and I put a basketball game on for him. The boys and I then went home for a little while (we live at the other end of the street). About 4-4 1/2 hours later, we went to get some dinner and decided that we'd stop and check on my father-in-law again on the way home. The girls hadn't made it back from shopping yet (this would turn out to be a good thing). The boys and I went, ate and stopped by on the way home. It was dark, so I had the boys come in with me. Tony (my FIL) was asleep a lot of the time, when he would spend the afternoon by himself for whatever reason. So, I called out to him when we came in the door. No response. Sometimes he slept pretty soundly, so I called out to him again, a little louder. Nada. Knowing something was very wrong, I told the boys to go to one of the bedrooms and not to come out until I called them out. Then, the question... "Is he dead?", they asked. "I don't know. Please go to the bedroom for a few minutes." I called his name a couple more times and got no response. I checked his pulse, already knowing there wouldn't be one. I grabbed my phone and called 911. Luckily, a lot of the EMT's knew Tony and of his condition and a lot of his history. Also, the EMT station is about 200 yards from their house. The ambulance shows up, along with countless sheriff's vehicles and even the Florida Highway Patrol (we don't have a city PD, so they're ever-present in my county). I took the boys outside, so they could work on Tony. The neighbors across the street came out when they heard the boys and immediately told me that they would watch them for a little bit. One of the deputies came up to me and told me that I needed to call my wife. Well, I had already tried to do that, and I had already texted her, telling her to come home right away. I got no response at all. So then, he tells me again that I needed to call her and tell her what had happened. I told him "I can't call my wife and tell her that her father is dead. I can't do that over the phone. She's driving somewhere in town and I don't need her driving all the way home an emotional wreck". He told me that if I didn't, he would. I told him to go for it. He never did it, though. Fast forward about 20 minutes or so, I'm across the street, talking to one of the EMT's, who also happens to be the youth pastor at our church, when my wife drives up with the girls. They saw the ambulance and everything from the stop sign across the street, and knew something was wrong. The last time Tony was discharged from the hospital, the doctor had told my MIL that he would be around for about 6 months, and he was pretty much right. That was September and he passed in March. Sorry for the long stories. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and that I'm always ready and able to lend an ear. I'm old, so you may have to tell me twice, but I'll listen. Take care, James / Cst. Noledad
  12. Is it bad when you know the streets of a virtual city better than you know the streets of the city you actually live in? Asking for a friend :D