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Boston - Control 55

SAPP OCC Operator
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  1. Boston - LOA

    I am going to be gone for a few days. (Late Notice). I should be back Friday or Saturday night.
  2. Hello

    Sorry I haven't been on still. Always something pops up right before patrol. I am hoping to be back Saturday night.
  3. Hello Everyone

    I was just letting everyone know again that I am very sorry for not being on. I am on the website everyday checking up on stuff. I try to get on but everything just falls in all at once right before patrol. I am trying to get back on so hopefully this week I'll be able to.
  4. Regarding Absences

    Hello everyone, I would like to say to you all that I have not left the community and I am hoping to be back working very soon. I have had a lot to do and I need to come back and get operating again soon. I love doing what I do here as an operator. I have been trying to find a job and it is harder than you think. I will not be in a patrol today but hope to be starting Tuesday. if you have any question or concerns please message me and I will message you back. Thank you.