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  1. Do I need to ReApply

    Best of luck to you! The advice above is great. :D
  2. Teamspeak 3 Arma 3 Theme

    Love it! I might try it out. ;)
  3. Navy/Marine Terms

    Yes, stern is the very back of the ship. "Oorah" is also Navy too. :P
  4. Scuttlebut - rumors or water fountain Deck - floor Port - left Starboard - right Bow - front Geedunk - junk food Aft - back Bulkhead - wall Hatch - door Head - bathroom Bravo Zulu - good job Aye, Aye - Acknowledgement of an order, you will see to it that it happens, you assume full responsibility Chow - food Drill - marching Overhead - roof These are all I can remember at this time. Feel free to add some!
  5. I have been saving up a lot of money and will have my desktop by Winter. Then, I will apply. :P
  6. Okay, thanks for answering.
  7. Will there be any out-of-game roles within this sub-community? Maybe in the future? (communications, network specialist, intelligence, etc.)
  8. Question for Arma "Vets'

    You should of all seen it coming due to GTA IV being shutdown and if you watched Ranger's Q&A. :D
  9. Question for Arma "Vets'

    That is kind of why I started this topic, so I could get a feel of how Arma 3 operated and I can get a sense of what the structure of MG's "group" will be (faintly). I guess I will know officially in the next week or so.
  10. Question for Arma "Vets'

    Definitely not interested in starting an Arma group, I was just wondering. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Question for Arma "Vets'

    After thinking about it, I really didn't specify and structures vary in all type of countries. My questions was pertaining to the "Arma 3 universe" but then again I guess that would depend on the player and what country they are apart of.
  12. Question for Arma "Vets'

    Thank you for your service to your country and to the world. Your US counterparts love working with the (second best, only teasing :P) military in the world. Have a great one. Thanks Garrett!
  13. For all of you Arma players, when you have a "unit" where do they fall into the following category? You have: Regiment ---> Battalion ---> Company ---> Platoon ---> Squad Where would a "unit" fall in to these categories or are they separate? In my NJROTC unit, we as a whole are a battalion which gets broken into three companies, two platoons and three to four squads each. It is usually based on size, is that correct? Just trying to get a sense of how Arma units are organized.

    Nice! The first Arma post....I smelt that coming.