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  1. SAPP Loses a Valuable Member

    I'm trying to grieve this dog, and you guys are making jokes? This is completely unacceptable.
  2. That's pretty weird... I heard different ;)
  3. FiveReborn Help

    I actually typed exe, and autocorrect sent that for me. :)
  4. FiveReborn Help

    When you download the executable file for FiveR, you want to place that into a separate folder that has nothing in it. Once you run the file it should install in which you can play it once it is finished.
  5. Helpful Quizes for New People

    Really good idea!
  6. Just curious, but how would it be inconvenient? I doubt we would ever use it for this community, but I believe many of our members do own copies if GTA 4, as we are only a new GTA 5 Community.
  7. It is going to be really cool to see how they execute this. I'd love to see how they'll combine the two, and if they are going to retexture LC to be similar to SA.
  8. Mounties Gaming - ARMA 3 - US Navy Seals - Operation Ascension Part 05