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Sgt. Gavin

SAPP Sergeant
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About Sgt. Gavin

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  • Birthday 08/02/1997

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  • Gender Male
  • Location California
  • GFWL ID Gavin287
  • Steam Username Gavin3055
  • Social Club Username Gavin287

ARMA 3 MILSIM Community Member Information

  • ARMA 3 Rank Special Warfare Operator 2 (E-3)

GTA 5 Community Member Information

  • GTA 5 Units SAPP Detachment
  • GTA 5 Callsign 402
  • GTA 5 Rank Sergeant
  • GTA 5 ID Number 59391

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    Hello Garry, After completion of your prescribed training, for the position of your choice. During the course of patrol we will seek volunteers to go civilian. Yes we are interacting with other members of our community.
  6. SAPP Resignation - Cpl. Sirgaming

    It was certainly a pleasure serving with you. Your leadership & professionalism were unparalleled, and I'm definitely anticipating your return to Watch 2. Wishing you well as you get whatever needed sorted. Until then, Cheers!
  7. Started working on this campaign before 2.0, Looking forward to getting some shots of our new fleet. Attached is a fair example of the campaign expectations, I believe.