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  1. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    I really want to go to a milsim west event but im a noob so i dont
  2. Squad Night?

    Yesterday I was approached by kype asking if I wanted to play squad later and it got me thinking. What if we had a squad night cause I know many people most likely own the game. and if you dont ill tell you it will be fun just hearing the conversations. I myself played Battlefield 2 Project Reality Which is what squad is based off of so if you dont know how to play dont worry Ill teach you. Let me know if you think this is a good idea!
  3. Mounties

  4. i think you would have to mess around with vehicle files which means it would have to be a server wide change or there may be something in the visualsettings.dat. you can probably ask around the ls/lcpdfr forums. but it would probably wouldnt be worth it considering how long it would take. but let me know if you find out!
  6. nah you just turned into a canadian flag!
  7. Vegas

    Find A Woman or Women
  8. The Future of Emergency Services Roleplay

    Police 10-13's hasnt had any development updates in a long time
  9. Gaming Mouse

    Thanks all!
  10. Gaming Mouse

    Thanks Ill Be Sure To Check It Out!
  11. Gaming Mouse

    Hey Friends. Im looking for a new gaming mouse. preferably one with buttons that I can use for a push to talk but also one thats under $70. I also remember seeing someone talk about mouse where there are like 100 different combinations because you can take apart pieces and re configure them. if any of you know what that is please let me know. also im looking at gaming keyboards but its not on my radar for know EDIT: found the mouse i was talking about but please let me know of some other good ones or ones that you have
  12. Fort McMurray Wildfire 2016... my story

    I myself was hospitalized for reasons I wont disclose but it was traumatic experience just hearing alarms go off every hour for A code blue or a disorderly patient. I dont have as many nightmares as i used to but I was around 10 when it happened and i didnt really think much of it. I still dont really think its a big deal but for the first few months talking and getting it off your chest helps. When i told it to people it felt like a 50 ton weight being finally lifted from my body. So yes what torque said. Talking Helps