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  1. Shoutout to the OG's

    Keeping my options open ;) Just shouting out to the OG's yknow
  2. Shoutout to the OG's

    Yeah I'll be around, lurking and a smirkin'
  3. Shoutout to the OG's

    Haha just once? I was a MASTER At War player :^) Played people like violins
  4. Shoutout to the OG's

    @Ryan Bro, there are literally hundreds of people I could've mentioned but it's hard to think of everyone. @Haphazardâ„¢I know you're watching, my (now worse than me) but originally better than me siege teammate.
  5. Shoutout to the OG's

    OG GREG! :D <33 Greg I remember when we went down to broker dukes every patrol and did narco patrol lol
  6. It's been real, more than 4 years! Thanks for the good times and good memories. Shoutout to the OG's, Richard (Not here anymore, but my depot buddy.) Salem - illest mofo to cross mounties path, a true pal. Charlie - CHARLIE! The candy mountain charlie :') VMaxx - My best friend to come from Mounties, always a cheeky cunt. Almeida - OG cop extraordinaire and Arma papa. Richer - I don't know what I've been told, but _____ is mighty cold. :^) Most annoying arma CPL ever. Phrozen - Honestly the backbone of keeping Mounties going for as long as it has. Much respect. Michael - My friend who we always shit talked about everyone else with xD I'll see you again Brightz - SAFE guy who we relentlessly tore into but I was happy when he finally left us for a better place (to be some fire guy in texas.) Dive - WHO DO YOU KNOW, CHICAGO FD I KNOW A GUY. As cheeky and annoying as he was, was definitely a loss for this place. Tek - You're okay my dude. RIP too soon. Plenty of others - Too many to think of, post below if I forget you and I get my final shitpost comments in lol. p.s Mart - Came back after so long away, the man, the myth, the legend. We came up together :')
  7. Police 10-13 News Update

    5 years too late on their development
  8. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    Yes, when he is throwing out a 12000 figure for flying and ticket for entry, $200 is "only", lmao that means that $11800 is on flight alone? xD
  9. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    $12000??? What are you flying a rolls royce or something? That's an expensive flight. And tickets are only like $200 I think
  10. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    No, didn't know about it. But looks cool tbh. It's not something I would do often, but just once or twice for the experience would probably be cool.
  11. ELS.asi loading issues

    I launched FiveM with ELS.asi no problem, can you post a screenshot of your problem?
  12. PUBG

    Game is bad, you should feel bad
  13. Farewell, Allied

    Allied, I was always better at you in Siege, and you know it. Enjoy doing whatever it is you'll do now. (Probably playing PUBG) Stop lurking, weirdo.
  14. Atwar winning thread

    Yup! Kept it realistic in regards to political aspirations towards regions like Ukraine and Georgia, but after USA left and Terror Network went all bonkers, that's when full scale invasion of Saudi Arabia went down XD