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  • Gender Male
  • Location New Jersey, USA
  • Interests Firefighting, Dispatching, EMS,
  • GFWL ID Griffin141
  • Steam Username TheLastToDie // Griffin

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  • ARMA 3 Rank Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator (E-6)

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  • GTA 5 Units SAPP Detachment
    San Andreas Fire & EMS
  • GTA 5 Callsign 692
  • GTA 5 Rank Constable
    Firefighter / Paramedic
  • GTA 5 ID Number 15-0046
  1. ELS.asi loading issues

    I launched FiveM with ELS.asi no problem, can you post a screenshot of your problem?
  2. PUBG

    Game is bad, you should feel bad
  3. Possible War with Russia!

    Very intriguing. The US will be ramping up it's military forces, and SEAL Team 8 stands ready to face off against any and all threats, that's for sure. SEAL Team 8 is always recruiting highly motivated individuals who want to serve in an elite unit performing clandestine operations in foreign territory.
  4. Farewell, Allied

    Allied, I was always better at you in Siege, and you know it. Enjoy doing whatever it is you'll do now. (Probably playing PUBG) Stop lurking, weirdo.
  5. Atwar winning thread

    Yup! Kept it realistic in regards to political aspirations towards regions like Ukraine and Georgia, but after USA left and Terror Network went all bonkers, that's when full scale invasion of Saudi Arabia went down XD
  6. Atwar winning thread
  7. Anyone have the game Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PC? (The 2000s one, not the just recently announced remake!) If so, I'd like to get a big game going if we can get enough people, there are some great mods out there that add a LOT of content like Clone Wars Extended 2.0 For anyone who doesn't have it, it can be picked up for like $2.50 - $5.00 during sales, or off of G2A. It's super cheap, and runs great even on older machines or laptops, and it's super fun and easy to get into. Post below or gimme a shout if you have it and would be interested! I'm just imaging a huge 20+ team of Mounties members playing as clones or storm troopers or jedi or droids :D :D :D
  8. Atwar winning thread
  9. At War Game 5/13/2017

    Yes? What lead you to believe otherwise?
  10. At War Game 5/13/2017

    Mhm so we can have scotland ruling all of the UK again? Scotlexit when???
  11. At War Game 5/13/2017

    I found a few good contenders for some roleplay maps. When I'm off work this weekend, (fuck it, even when I'm at work xD) we'll try some of them out.
  12. At War Game 5/13/2017

    Who needs roleplay when Glorious Russian Army can conquer fascist Berlin in a matter of turns :P We both know I woulda had it in the end lmao
  13. At War Game 5/13/2017

    I'm down. Definitely need to get an ACTUAL roleplay game going tho, not just the thinly veiled 'world roleplay' we do now in which we all conquer the closest neutral countries lmao.
  14. This exact one? Hmm. I'm trying to decide if I want the 15.6 inch with 4k display, or 17in. The 15 in comes with half size ssd and $100 less, but 4k display would be nice for watching videos. What's the battery life like? Does it overheat/get extremely hot underneath?