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  1. Starting a photo album with all my MG pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QhP7bXfogO90e88O2

    Just leaving a link for myself. 

  2. TimmyB - Goodbye

    Goodbye Timmy. Good luck for the future!
  3. FiveM Graphics Mod??

    Don't worry. I was able to install it with no problems.
  4. FiveM Graphics Mod??

    Just wondering is it possible to install a graphics mod onto FiveM. Tried to google it but couldn't find any tutorials. I they do would Make Visuals Great Again work with it?
  5. SirT - Resignation

    Ahh SirT. I Hardly knew ya but sad to see you going. Good luck with the future man and thanks for all the help with my training. :)