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  1. Finally! Congrats!
  2. MOD

    We use the program FiveM. To play with us, you need to attend a recruitment session.
  3. Farewell, Allied

    Good luck! Hope to see you around.
  4. Farewell

    Sad to see you go. Good luck!
  5. TeamSpeak Issues

    Our TeamSpeak has certain channels you can talk in and can't. You can speak in the public gameplay or public general talk channels. In order to get a tag/ permissions, you need to join the community by attending a recruitment session.
  6. SAPP Resignation - Cpl. Sirgaming

    Good luck man. Gonna miss you!
  7. Hello (again)

    They are in the study area on the TeamSpeak. Unsure if you can few channel descriptions.
  8. PATROL @ 17:00 2017/04/04

    SAFE will be there!
  9. Keyboard

    Anything that allows you to press more then 3 keys at the same time unlike mine.
  10. MGC Podcast

    Good job! I like it.
  11. Headsets

    I use turtle beaches x12s. I am sure there is better ones out there.