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  1. Announcement - Ranger August 14, 2017 After a lengthy community meeting yesterday and a private conversation today. Effective immediately, Board Member Ranger has departed the community. We thank Ranger for his service and wish him the best in future endeavours. Ranger has served in our community for the past 7+ years and was an integral part of where we are today.
  2. Hello, I am pleased to announce the Staff Sergeant L. Anderson has been offered and accepted the role of Inspector for the Grand Theft Auto Community. Anderson has served in the community for 4+ years and has held a number of different roles. Anderson will be tasked with supporting the entire community, and when not online, he can be reached by message, As many of you know, the Grand Theft Auto community is in a transition. We anticipate that there will be another Inspector vacancy in September. Regards,
  3. Boston - LOA

    An LOA is not needed for a short absence, such as this.
  4. Announcement - Grand Theft Auto

    Update #1 At a special community meeting, on Sun July 23, 2017, the following was announced: The superintendents office would be disbanded in the coming days, focus on reducing redundancy and streamlining decision making. The inspectors office will be expanded, to a maximum of three (3) inspectors. A proposal was discussed to focus and reorganize units into the following categories: ​General Duty - A traditional community policing structure with sergeants, corporals and constables. Highway Patrol - An elected unit leader, on a fixed term, with troopers patrolling primary highways Specialized Investigations - A communal unit where all detectives will be on the same level, decisions would be made equally. Emergency Services - SAFE and OCC would remain separated, but fall under a single manager. Decisions should be made as a community, not a select few. Therefore, a methodical transition will occur over the next few weeks. With this change, individuals who were not in attendance at the meeting may ask many questions. However, it is important to note that decisions should be made as a community, not the select few. What are your thoughts? Share them with us, so we can ensure your feedback is taken into consideration, an audio recording will be posted in this thread when it is uploaded for your listening pleasure.
  5. Attention, Earlier this evening, we have presented an announcement to the community regarding a structure change and reorganization - to best focus on member engagement, simplicity, and your feedback. Over the next few days, we will be posting further updated to this thread. These will be key updates, and audio recordings, images, or documents may be attached to provide transparency. Regards, Damien
  6. I am free in the evenings everyday this week!
  7. Effective immediately, I have promoted Michael to the role of Inspector for Operations, and will now support General Duty, Traffic, and a number of specialized entities. Inspector Tek has transferred to Strategic Programs and will work closely with the Executive NCOs, Communications and the Training Centre. I am confident in Michael's ability to execute and make the appropriate judgement call as needed. Michael has previously served in some of the following units: SAPP Traffic RCMP General Duty RCMP Depot Division RCMP General Investigative Service (GIS) LSRP Investigations LSRP Operations SAPP Operations RCMP Field Coach Liaison SAPP Auxiliary Program Please join me in congratulating Michael on his new promotion! Damien, Superintendent Grand Theft Auto V cc/ Community Managers, Assistant Community Managers
  8. Delete this account

  9. Great initiative Superintendent Ranger!!
  10. Human Resources (HR) April 27, 2017 Our Grand Theft Auto Community has always valued its members as the reason for the success of the organization and holds them as the focus of its activities. Those in leadership positions can benefit from additional support to ensure that they are making the best use of its most important assets, your people. Our Recruitment and Retention (RRT) is changing in a big way, here are a few key changes that will be effective immediately: Adopt a Human Resources Model - we need to place our people first, start focusing on what motivates people to stay engaged, identify ways to make our life easier - and remember we are a gaming community Provide Support - we establish open lines of communication, share best leadership practices and ensure that we enact fair and consistent policies, procedures and managerial practices Advisory Roles - begin to act as an independent advisor in difficult situations, and provide advice to you and your team Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) role: Act as a single point of contact for their assigned unit Support units in achieving their goals Provide instant and immediate feedback on policies, processes and initiatives Build succession plans to support units and organizational leadership with talent mapping Act as the independent advisor for members in tough situations What will this look like? If you are looking to join the community, a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) will conduct your interview and help with the on boarding process. If you are a community member, a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) will follow up with you 30 days after you have entered the community, they are there to check in and see how your experience is going. Then again at 60 days, and finally at 90 days from your date of hire. If you are in a leadership role, a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) will be partnered with you and your team to provide support. You have the ownership of leading your team, and your HRBP will help you evaluate your members to establish your collective bench strength* and help with talent mapping** your up and coming leaders How will this work? Over the next few weeks, I will meet with each of your units to explain this roll out, along with your newly assigned HRBP. I will be personally mentoring each of them in the Human Resources model over the next few months, feel free to email me at if you have questions. HRBP Assignments Staff Sergeant Anderson - Ops Watch 1, Traffic Services, Emergency Response Team Corporal Holden - Ops Watch 2, SAFE, Police Dog Service, Auto Theft Task Force Corporal Faiz - Ops Watch 3, GIANT, OCC, San Andreas Training Centre *Bench Strength refers to the capabilities and readiness of potential successors to move into key roles and leadership positions within the community. The term comes from baseball, for which it refers to a team's lineup of highly skilled players who can step in when a player is hurt or replaced. **Talent Mapping a process that charts every member in a unit according to their skills, competencies, and capabilities.
  11. Announcement - MG Tag January 16, 2016 Effective immediately, both Grand Theft Auto V and ARMA 3 have moved to direct recruitment processes. To better streamline and best reflect our community, the "Mounties Gaming" and "MG" tag have been terminated and are therefore no longer. Inherently, users who do not belong to either community can still access public channels accordingly. All individuals seeking membership should follow the appropriate process, your unique GTA / ARMA tag will give your appropriate permissions as required. Regards, Damien, Assistant Community Manager Mounties Gaming Community (MGC) cc/ Bobster, Community Manager Mounties Gaming Community (MGC) Ranger, Executive Board Member Mounties Gaming Community (MGC)