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  1. miss you <3

  2. Effective immediately, we have implemented a brand new dedicated FiveM server that has double the processing power. Most of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) assets have been added - which include vehicles, uniforms, and various new scripts! Blip markers have also been removed from the map / nav to increase realism and role play. You asked for it, and we provided! You will be required to connect to a new server address. Furthermore, you must download and update your current files for this RCMP Asset Release. You should not need to submit a new whitelist request, the old server will be shut down this week. Server Information Name: "Royal Canadian Mounted Police" Server: fivem.grandtheftauto.ca ( Resources Download new RCMP Assets for install View a listing of script commands and usages View a listing of vehicles and uniforms How to Install Download the RCMP Assets for install Drag all contents of the “GTA V Folder” into your Grand Theft Auto V main directory, overwriting where necessary Drag all contents of the “FiveM Application Data Folder” into your FiveM Application Data main directory, overwriting where necessary (Default path: Users\*user*\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveMApplicationData) Support Please escalate incidents of support, questions, or concerns through your chain of command. In the coming weeks, we will be implementing a support help desk which will be able to provide you support directly. -- Damien, Chief Superintendent Corporate Services, Commanding Officer damien@grandtheftauto.ca
  3. Update - Along with our transition back to our roots, the following will be occurring this week: the website platform will be changed, modified, and some parts may be updated basic vehicle, pedestrian, etc assets will be modified on the server internal chat platforms may be modified, and simplified for use persons in a leadership role may receive new login access to platforms the core values will be published more predominately
  4. Announcement - Nov 18, 2017 Royal Canadian Mounted Police _______________________________ After much discussion, debate, and planning at the senior and unit leadership level - we are returning to our roots as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The following adaptions will take us forward: SAPP will be no more, the RCMP will return SAFE, and OCC will remain untouched SIU will be no more, all persons will investigate issues We will establish 3 unique divisions realistic to the RCMP Active RCMP members will be integrated into leadership CIV will be under reassessment, further info to follow Three (3) unique divisions will be established: Criminal Operations - view org chart here Corporate Services - view org chart here Support Services - view org chart here View Entire Organizational Structure Transition Info: Executive leadership changes will be effective immediately IT platforms will be updated and changed, including pack, teamspeak, website and skins Leadership has approved, further discussion will establish and adapt strategies Developers will be reassessed, those remaining will be financially compensated via Staff Rewards Unit level changes will occur systematically, not immediately a 5:1 supervisor reporting structure will be established
  5. Announcement - ARMA

    Hi folks, After a discussion with Community Manager Almeida, we have concluded that ARMA needs to build it's own identity and focus on overall growth moving forth. Effective immediately, ARMA will host it's own Teamspeak server. Those of you whom may be affected by this change, must further speak with Almeida. We hope the best for the ARMA community.
  6. Please be advised that Michael has exited his role as inspector, this role will be filled accordingly. Additional information regarding this role, and future changes will be made available this evening. We wish Michael all the best in his future endeavors.
  7. Announcement - Richer

    Update - Richer November 4, 2017 As some of you may know, Richer was removed from his role with cause after three (3) separate investigations of misconduct had occurred. While all incidents did not result in action, there was a common theme of lower ranked members feeling uncomfortable. In this instance, Richer was released from his role as he had lost the trust and respect of more than 50% of his direct reports. Many of them citing that they did not want to work for a leader who treats them poorly in private; further citing that all forms of trust and respect were eroded nor never built. It is impossible for any community leader to continue their mandate without support by their direct reports, their peers, and their direct manager(s). Initially, some of the board of directors recommended to offer Richer a mid-level leadership role as a Sergeant / Staff Sergeant. However, it became abundantly clear in a very short period of time that Richer may have undermined or distracted his peers with argumentative behaviours. To this date, Richer continues to debate his removal, or '60 day cool down period' from this community, citing that his friends agree with him that it was unfair. The disciplinary process is a clear three (3) step process: The community member should be coached on their behaviour, engaging in conversation or debate to facilitate understanding in an effort to correct behaviour The community member must be advised in a formal verbal or written conversation which behaviours must be corrected, honour the importance of collective accountability where possible The community member shall be suspended or terminated if the behaviour continues, an assessment should occur to identify whether or not the skills or training was provided to the member were a suspension would be recommended, whereas if the issue is based on life experience and or ability to understand and or comprehend a matter than a termination at this phase would recommended, but not ideal. While this is a series of unfortunate, yet avoidable circumstances, we will continue to support your requests and desires to feel welcome, wanted, and spoken in a manner of inclusivity while still promoting the Core Values of Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Professionalism.
  8. Announcement - Richer October 28, 2017 After a short conversation with Board Member Zion. Effective immediately, Community Manager Richer has departed the Grand Theft Auto V community. We thank Richer for his 3+ years of service and wish him the best in future endeavours. Richer may continue to be on the teamspeak server and continue as an integral part of our community as we progress forward.
  9. Announcement - Ranger August 14, 2017 After a lengthy community meeting yesterday and a private conversation today. Effective immediately, Board Member Ranger has departed the community. We thank Ranger for his service and wish him the best in future endeavours. Ranger has served in our community for the past 7+ years and was an integral part of where we are today.
  10. Hello, I am pleased to announce the Staff Sergeant L. Anderson has been offered and accepted the role of Inspector for the Grand Theft Auto Community. Anderson has served in the community for 4+ years and has held a number of different roles. Anderson will be tasked with supporting the entire community, and when not online, he can be reached by message, As many of you know, the Grand Theft Auto community is in a transition. We anticipate that there will be another Inspector vacancy in September. Regards,
  11. Boston - LOA

    An LOA is not needed for a short absence, such as this.
  12. Announcement - Grand Theft Auto

    Update #1 At a special community meeting, on Sun July 23, 2017, the following was announced: The superintendents office would be disbanded in the coming days, focus on reducing redundancy and streamlining decision making. The inspectors office will be expanded, to a maximum of three (3) inspectors. A proposal was discussed to focus and reorganize units into the following categories: ​General Duty - A traditional community policing structure with sergeants, corporals and constables. Highway Patrol - An elected unit leader, on a fixed term, with troopers patrolling primary highways Specialized Investigations - A communal unit where all detectives will be on the same level, decisions would be made equally. Emergency Services - SAFE and OCC would remain separated, but fall under a single manager. Decisions should be made as a community, not a select few. Therefore, a methodical transition will occur over the next few weeks. With this change, individuals who were not in attendance at the meeting may ask many questions. However, it is important to note that decisions should be made as a community, not the select few. What are your thoughts? Share them with us, so we can ensure your feedback is taken into consideration, an audio recording will be posted in this thread when it is uploaded for your listening pleasure.
  13. Attention, Earlier this evening, we have presented an announcement to the community regarding a structure change and reorganization - to best focus on member engagement, simplicity, and your feedback. Over the next few days, we will be posting further updated to this thread. These will be key updates, and audio recordings, images, or documents may be attached to provide transparency. Regards, Damien
  14. I am free in the evenings everyday this week!
  15. Effective immediately, I have promoted Michael to the role of Inspector for Operations, and will now support General Duty, Traffic, and a number of specialized entities. Inspector Tek has transferred to Strategic Programs and will work closely with the Executive NCOs, Communications and the Training Centre. I am confident in Michael's ability to execute and make the appropriate judgement call as needed. Michael has previously served in some of the following units: SAPP Traffic RCMP General Duty RCMP Depot Division RCMP General Investigative Service (GIS) LSRP Investigations LSRP Operations SAPP Operations RCMP Field Coach Liaison SAPP Auxiliary Program Please join me in congratulating Michael on his new promotion! Damien, Superintendent Grand Theft Auto V 57477@police.sa.com cc/ Community Managers, Assistant Community Managers