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    Who needs roleplay when you can capture all of Europe in 2 turns
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    After a 4 hour battle, I ruled the world. GG guys.
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  5. We utilize a system completely independent of Rockstar's server. There is no chance of being banned. Also, I edited the title to avoid confusion.
  6. Ever wonder what it is like to be a part of the Auxiliary team? Maybe you are interested in joining but are unsure of what it is all about. To increase public knowledge of the program, we produced some pictures during a recent training session to give you an idea of what our program is like. Above each picture is a little narration from my perspective as the lead instructor of the training. If you enjoy the pictures you see here, check out our recruitment poster and submit your application today! - Sgt Miles Auxiliary Training 2016-08-26 The training started with a simple roll call. I quickly went over some ground rules and expectations for the training then we began! After conducting uniform inspections and weapon review, Cpl. Jackreacher told a recent patrol story while I went and grabbed one of our Auxiliary Program's new bicycles. Following the bicycle orientation, we prepared to load our transport bus for the next portion of the training. Before departing, the trainees had to take a lap around the detachment due to Jokerr boarding the bus before told to do so. Once they caught their breath, we loaded up and headed out. During the bus ride, I asked questions from their previous training modules. Thank you to Agentwoods for getting us there safely. We arrived at the beach and had another quick briefing. After the briefing, we hopped on our bikes and took a stroll. I would occasionally stop and we would discuss various topics like the importance of keeping the beach safe by actively conducting bike and foot patrols. We explored some beach hot spots. It was about 6 in the morning so there was not too much foot traffic. Following the training, John was promoted to Probationary Auxiliary Constable! Congratulations to him. Training Lead Instructor: Sgt. Miles Training Assistants: Cpl. JackReacher, AgentWoods Trainees: P. Aux Cst. Jokerr, P. Aux. Cst. Brian, P. Aux. Cst. Victor, Rct. Aux. Cst. John === End Auxiliary Training 2016-08-26 ===