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Cpl. Jokerr

SAPP Corporal
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  1. Hello everyone, I realized today many people do not know Canada has different firearm restrictions than America does. In Canada these laws are extremely strict too, just so everyone knows it is illegal to carry a firearm unless it is stored in a safe, with a trigger lock. This being said it is illegal to publicly carry a firearm, meaning any calls with a firearm involved will be a priority 1. This was mainly for any civilians who do not know this as well as any SAPP members that also were unaware. If you have any questions about the Canadian Criminal Laws/Offences, I'd suggest using this site. It helps a lot when you are not sure about something as well as good information to know.

    Try gradually leveling up, set your wanted amount to 15 and when it finishes, go to 20 then 25 and so on.
  3. Atwar winning thread

    Well, Griffin gg and yes I was a little triggered..
  4. Keyboard

    Thomas I love it!
  5. Keyboard

    Once again, looking for new computer stuff ;p Any suggestions?
  6. Who will win PL 2017?

    TFC Jk
  7. 1 Years in Mounties!

    As of March 12th I've been in the community for 1 year! It's been a great year and here's to many more. Cheers! ~Jokerr
  8. New Gaming Mouse

    . I like it too ;) (Meaning I'm getting it)
  9. New Gaming Mouse

    Forgot to add, I don't want to break the bank lol so let's try to keep money about 50-100 CND :)
  10. New Gaming Mouse

    So.. my mouse broke over the week (meaning I was mad and broke it) and I won't have one for about 3 more days but I still don't know what to get. I had the Logitech G400 but I can't find it at local stores and I don't fell like ordering one from internet so if any one has any ideas please tell me.
  11. Headsets

    I use Astro A40's, Iv'e had them for 2-3 years and never had a problem :) Well that's a lie, the mic on the headset doesn't work so they are more or less big headphones lol.