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  1. Patrol schedule Change?

    Hello Tragic, my name is Cpl. Danno. I understand your frustrations but we have chose this time after many different time changes. For the community as a whole it would be better to stay where we are cause most of us are scholars and most have jobs. I am sorry it doesn't work out but changing the time will affect the rest of the community. Thank you for your interest and if you want to, you can apply to be a CIV. Thanks, Corporal Danno PDS
  2. If you ever want to watch me do stupid stuff and play video games here is my link. https://www.twitch.tv/hornetgod
  3. Can anyone help me out?

    I would get a desktop. In my opinion they are easier to upgrade and personalize. You can build a decent computer for 400 bucks. Hop on Teamspeak sometime and I can help you choose one :D