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  1. Current PCP with two of the largest municipal services in Ontario
  2. Keyboard

    Ducky Shine RGB 5 with black switches. She is a beaut
  3. New Gaming Mouse

    This is a very complicated question. Do you want the same mouse as before? If not, then what do you want your mouse to have? If you just want left/right/middle click then there are a lot of mice you can choose from. Do you want multi functional buttons? Do you want a mouse that has lights? Do you want a mouse with a numpad on it? And then the question of ergonomics? Just because a mouse has what you want on it, it might be too big or too small for your hand size. What kind of mouse grip do you use? That will also dictate the size and shape of the mouse you get.
  4. Headsets

    If you're still looking, I personally use the Corsair void RGB. I find the sound quality to be excellent, with good mic quality (As I've been told). Volume and mute controls are located directly on the headset (As opposed to half way down the cable so you don't have to fumble around). Has tones to let you know when you've muted the mic. However, the light that tells you the mic is muted is located on the mic itself, so sometimes you have to strain your eyes to see the light but it's noticable even if you aren't looking for it. It also doesn't come with a braided cable (Which was a peeve of mine) USB connection only. I believe there is a wireless option somewhere