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831 Hayster

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  • Birthday 09/03/1973

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  • Gender Male
  • Location Canada
  • GFWL ID Hayster73
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  • GTA 5 Units LSRP Operations
    San Andreas Fire & EMS
  • GTA 5 Callsign 811
  • GTA 5 Rank Firefighter / Paramedic
  • GTA 5 ID Number 57444
  1. Spazz update

    Spazz......looking forward to your return. All the best!
  2. SAPP Resignation - Cpl. Sirgaming

    Gaming great to have you back for the short while....stay frosty my friend talk soon!
  3. I remember all if those and one of the first computer games I played wad Air Canada flight Sim. The we're no graphics just lines of words in green. It had 2 5 1/2" floppy disks at that time. Oh and the dot matrix printers don't forget those beauties!
  4. Keyboard

    I loved my Commodore 64......
  5. Old Member

    I remember you as possibly Rosario? You did my depot many years ago...if it is you nice to see you back
  6. Welcome back Mullins...I remember that name!