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  1. Farewell

    Alex - It's sad to see you go again. I'm glad you've found what really makes you happy though. Take care and best of luck in your future endeavors. Keep in touch man! - Phrozen
  2. MG GTA V Pack 2.0 with ELS RELEASED!

    Please see the attached file for the ELS V user guide/instructions. ELS V - USER GUIDE.pdf
  3. We are very excited to announce that the Mounties Gaming GTA V Pack 2.0 with ELS is now available! The Superintendent’s Office extends a huge thank you to the GTA 5 Development Team and all of the other community members who contributed to this pack. Please be sure to extend them your thanks as well! Please see the official release announcement in the link below for more information and instructions to download and install the new pack. The new uniform, vehicle, and weapons policy as well as the watch briefing toolkit can be found in the gameplay channel description on TeamSpeak. Mounties Gaming GTA V Pack 2.0 with ELS Release Announcement
  4. 1 Years in Mounties!

  5. The Future of Emergency Services Roleplay

    I would sure hope so! Modding is essential to their success in the emergency services roleplay communities.
  6. The Future of Emergency Services Roleplay

    I have been highly skeptical of Police 10-13 since it was announced. I don't think the development team has a solid understanding of emergency services and public safety. Plus, they have made very little progress since inception. EmergNYC looks really promising though. I think the price is a little steep for an early adoption tech demo, but I'm keeping my eye on it and have high hopes.
  7. Source: Reuters (
  8. Who plays ARMA 3?

  9. Who plays ARMA 3?

    But you like to be serious in GTA? Oxymoron. :blink:
  10. Teamspeak 3 Arma 3 Theme

    Nice find!
  11. Arma 3 sync repository

    We are aware and will eventually implement Arma3Sync for the 26th.
  12. No, mods are only available to members of the 26th. If you are a 26th member and have not gone through Recruit Training yet, you can connect to the server as a civilian to test your mods and/or request an escorted tour of the base from an enlisted member.
  13. Aviation MOS's will open up in the near future after we fill some rifleman quotas. We're hyped too! :D Yes, you can be on the server whenever you wish. It will be marked otherwise if we need to temporarily close it for some reason. Prior to recruit training, you can join the server as a civilian. Information about this topic will be provided during Recruit Training. There will eventually be developer and mission creator positions available within S-4 Logistics. As of now, the necessary positions are already filled. Mission design information is kept within the logistics team. As mentioned in the announcement, there will be a storyline that drives the missions during our deployments. Missions will vary in size.
  14. At this time we will only be utilizing AI/computer OPFOR. It is possible that we may use human OPFOR for certain missions/scenarios in the future, but it will not be a permanent position or role of any kind.
  15. 1. Minimum age is 16 years old. 2. We do not have any plans to implement this type of program at this time, however, it may be a possibility as the community is developed further. Hope this helps! Thanks for your questions and interest!