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  1. Vegas

    ^ That
  2. Vegas

    Alcohol.... Repeat ;) JK...
  3. No your <------- wrong ;)
  4. (PSD Axel Biting Cst. Kype) Dear SAPP Members, Today I write this Email on very sad terms... On 2017-08-03 at approximately 1730 Hours Police Service Dog "Axel" was euthanized due to an overwhelming heart condition. Axel's condition was a disease called "Aortic Stenosis" this disease rarely shows any symptoms but is quite common in bigger dogs. Axel was a valuable member of the PDS unit and will be missed dearly. I would like to ask members to join us for a funeral service/minute of silence for our fallen officer. This service will be conducted on 2017-08-04 at our watch briefing at 1700 Hours PST If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message Thanks, Richer Corporal Police Dog Service San Andreas Provincial Police
  6. Tommy all members will enter as enlisted ranks and then move up from there. So in regards to OCS it will be available for NCO's and above. As for MARSOC, MARSOC is not attached to any MEU they are an independent aspect of the USMC, so short answer is no MARSOC. But all MEU's have a recon element attached to them.