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  1. Mounties

    Thanks, man ;)
  2. Further Updates

    Hello GTA 5 Community Things that need to be addressed Marketing and advertising of the community We all realize that we have lost a huge marketing and advertising outlet here in the community. In order for us to grow as a community, we need to find a way to get our community out to interested parties. Now, how can we do this? Well, that is for you as a community to decide. Some recommendations: Start a Youtube Channel Start Streaming Community Events When on other games/communities, wear your community tags Meet new people and gauge their interest in our type of RP These are just a few tips on how we all as a community can generate interest and increase our member base. Guys and girls, we are in a position where everyone owns this community and really has a say in what direction we take. Let us take advantage of this opportunity and move our community forward Names in Game We remind everyone that when going into game you are to change your steam name to your TeamSpeak name, (Rank) (Name). e.g. Cst. Example. This allows us to keep track of who is joining the server and ensure that any unwanted person does not get into the server. Those who fail to change names when joining the server may be kicked or asked to leave the server and fix their name. Callsigns Effective immediately when units are calling into control you will now use your vehicle call sign (e.g. Unit: “Control, 5-Bravo-29”, Control XX: “Go ahead 5-Bravo-29”). This change is a move that will better allow us to emulate real life operations. Callsigns may be shortened if you would like (e.g. “Bravo-29”), but using your full vehicle call sign is recommended. This change is on a trial basis, and we will be working towards eliminating individual unit call signs. A problem we have noticed with this system is that when you are trying to contact another unit you may not recall their vehicle call sign. In this case you are permitted to call the member by name (e.g. “Cst. Lemming from 5-Bravo-29”). Closing of Watch 3 Due to staffing issues, it is imperative that we temporarily close Watch 3. This move did not come lightly but was necessary to ensure effective leadership for all constables. The senior NCOs and Inspectors will be reviewing this decision on a regular basis to determine the appropriate time to re-open the watch. Members of Watch 3 will be distributed between Watches 1 and 2 as below. Watch 1 Cpl. Joker Cpl. Appo Cst. Heyer Cdt. Loban Cdt. Chewie Cdt. Ben Watch 2 Cst. John D. Cst. Ramstar Cst. Complaicant Cst. Elite Cdt. Sanders Cdt. Howington Watch 1 Operation NCO We are pleased to announce that Satar has accepted the position of Operations NCO for Watch 1, replacing Dave who has decided to step down. In accepting his new role, Satar has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Satar has demonstrated great leadership and performed exceptionally well in his role as Watch NCO. The entire leadership team looks forward to his continuing contribution to the community.
  3. Vegas

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  4. Vegas

    Alcohol.... Repeat ;) JK...
  5. SAPP Loses a Valuable Member

    Good job Gavin
  6. SAPP Loses a Valuable Member

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  7. (PSD Axel Biting Cst. Kype) Dear SAPP Members, Today I write this Email on very sad terms... On 2017-08-03 at approximately 1730 Hours Police Service Dog "Axel" was euthanized due to an overwhelming heart condition. Axel's condition was a disease called "Aortic Stenosis" this disease rarely shows any symptoms but is quite common in bigger dogs. Axel was a valuable member of the PDS unit and will be missed dearly. I would like to ask members to join us for a funeral service/minute of silence for our fallen officer. This service will be conducted on 2017-08-04 at our watch briefing at 1700 Hours PST If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message Thanks, Richer Corporal Police Dog Service San Andreas Provincial Police