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  • Location FL, USA
  • Interests Law Enforcement, Video Games, Professional Networking, Web Development, Graphic Design, Running (XC)
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  1. PUBG

    So. Addicted.
  2. Farewell, Allied

    Thank you for everything Allied, was a pleasure working with you while I had the chance! Keep in touch sir :)
  3. Post a photo of your setup!

    Very clean, love it!
  4. Helpful Quizes for New People

    Awesome work!
  5. Some help would be appreciated

    You can apply to be a part of in-game operations at the link below:
  6. Welcome back! Some names have changed, but you'll still find a few of those old timers floating around! :)
  7. Headsets

    Oooooh. Might be my next upgrade.
  8. Teamspeak 3 Arma 3 Theme

    It's almost MGC themed, matches the website! Downloading :D
  9. Who plays ARMA 3?

    Is Arma tutoring available...?
  10. Who plays ARMA 3?

    I don't currently play Arma 3... but have the game and wouldn't mind getting into the game with some friends :)