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  1. Patrol schedule Change?

    HI! Metro here. I'm new and have been watching you guys for a long time. I recently decided to join you guys. So I applied did the interview but was denied. I live in Sweden and therefore have the time difference of 6 hours from EST. they told me that I basically have to stay up until 2 am which is 8 est to be able to play with you guys which I can't and won't do. now my immediate thought was. why can't they just have a few patrols earlier like around 3-5pm anytime between that would suit people outside of the US. I love rp and jump at any chance to do it. so far I play in GTA 5 hosted lobbies for rp civ and cop but I wanted to step up to the modded community in GTA 5 but was denied so due to the schedule not being changed. would it be possible to have a few patrols earlier. it can't hurt, right?. what are you thoughts on this.
  2. ARMA III LIFE - Come Join Us!

    Welcome to Olympus. hope you are enjoying it so far.