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Cst. Torque

SAPP Constable
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  • Birthday 08/27/1971

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  • Location Northern Alberta

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  • GTA 5 Units SAPP Detachment
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  1. Farewell

    Alex, you will be missed dearly by many. Myself included. Good luck in your future endeavors friend. Torque
  2. The MG Podcast is currently seeking real life first responders to interview for an upcoming MG Podcast episode. If you're interested please contact Cst Torque through this website and we'll set up a time to discuss your career! We all know there are several members of the community that are actually law enforcement/fire/ems and we'd LOVE to hear your story! This is going to be an ongoing subject for the podcast to focus on as common interest for our listener-ship. We need YOU!! You won't have to divulge personal information, such as what agency you work for, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you all! Cst Torque
  3. Post a photo of your setup!

    Yes, it counts ;) Torque
  4. There is a book out called Ready Player One. It features Dungeons of Daggorath in the story line. I'm listening to the book now. Its very interesting and I recommend it!! Torque
  5. I remember the Atari 2600 - it came out after the CoCo II and was very cool. I remember baseball! The first computer I ever used was a VIC20 with a monochrome green screen attached to the keyboard as one unit. It also ran tape for storage of large files. :D Torque
  6. The first PC I ever owned

    And yes, it had a tape drive. AWESOME!!
  7. I had a TRS-80 CoCo II computer made by Radio Shack... check out this news story about the TRS-80...
  8. FiveReborn help

    try hitting Alt Enter a couple times and see if that might help if it happens again. Sounds like an Aspect Ratio issue.
  9. Post a photo of your setup!

    my speakers are made by Motorola from the late 1960s... my dad gave them to me years ago. they sound amazing! Torque
  10. Here's what my current setup looks like... share a photo of yours!! Torque
  11. MGC Podcast

    Thanks everyone... spread the word and let other members know they should check this thing out! Torque
  12. MGC Podcast

    This is the first one I've ever produced... it can only get better from here!! Torque
  13. MGC Podcast

    WE ARE LIVE!! The Mounties Gaming first ever Podcast has been released! This week I interview Insp. Tek and Sgt. Michael about a few very interesting topics. Hope you enjoy it! If you have comments or suggestions for the MGC Podcast please contact Cst Torque at OR through the website
  14. FiveReborn Help

    I think you meant executable file, not executive... ;)