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  1. Public Relations Leader Position posted for community members that hold the rank equivalence of Constable within the GTA Sub Community or Special Warfare Operator 3rd Class within the ARMA Sub Community. Duties: -Granting specific members access to MGC social media accounts -Managing account administrators, moderators and contributors -Utilizing MGC Twitter accounts and Facebook Page Please message me on the MGC website with your interest in this Community Position. Please include in the message why you want this position, any experience that you have with social media and public relations, your time within the Mounties Gaming Community, and any other pertinent information that you deem relevant. DEADLINE: Tuesday, August 1 @ 1700 CT
  2. At War Game 5/13/2017

    I'm going to schedule an AtWar game when I return from LOA which will have actual role play. :)
  3. Atwar winning thread

    Lol yay people are addicted to the game again :D
  4. For those of you that played last time. Let's get another game going after patrol! Let me know if you're interested :)
  5. Congratulations Cst. Ethan! Your picture submission was the first one to be posted on Social Media as part of this campaign! You can expect a new one posted today, this time from Cst. Wyatt. First post Twitter: Instagram:
  6. Great start everyone, glad you're excited about this. I've received several great pictures already. Keep them coming!! REMINDER to read the google document carefully. I clearly state in the document that all "in game pictures should be taken during the daytime (easier to see) or be bright enough to be able to visibly see details of the image". Cheers :)
  7. SAPP & SAFE members, With the release of our fantastic new pack, I would like to start this mini project. Please read through the google document carefully and consider whether you would like to participate in this project. Cheers, Ranger, Superintendent Public Relations & Marketing Office of the Superintendents San Andreas Provincial Police
  8. Who let both of you out of the retirement home??!!! ;)
  9. MGC Podcast

    Episode 2 "In this podcast I interview Cst Jokerr who has just returned from the 100th Anniversary Commemoration of Vimmy Ridge and other WWI and WWII historical battlefields. It was a powerful experience, and a moving interview. Cst TimmyB Cst Noledad77, and Cst Satar also join me for interviews. I report on a new development in GTA Online. Enjoy, and please comment on this Podcast any comments or questions you may have!!" -Cst. Torque
  10. MGC Podcast

    Episode 1 "In the first episode of the Mounties Gaming Podcast I interview Corporals Tyler, Faiz, and Blackhawk and report on an upcoming GTA V Online Mod. I hope you enjoy it!". -Cst. Torque
  11. MGC Podcast

    Mounties Gaming Community members and public visitors, Within this forum thread you will find links to MGC Podcast episodes that have been produced by Cst. Torque. These episodes reflect the views and opinions of community members, while also sharing GTA and ARMA gaming news. Each episode will be roughly 20 minutes in length and can be streamed via YouTube or through an audio streaming website. If you would like to listen to the podcast through the audio streaming website, the direct link is located in the description of each YouTube video. With the success of the Pilot episode that was released exclusively within the Mounties Gaming Community on March 19, the MGC Podcast will now be available to the public on YouTube and through the audio streaming website. If you have ideas for the MG Podcast, please email Cst Torque at or through the MG Website. Ranger, Superintendent Office of the Superintendents San Andreas Provincial Police Torque, Constable Traffic Services San Andreas Provincial Police
  12. Mounties Gaming Community members, Please join me in celebrating the official release of our Community's first-ever podcast! Cst. Torque of Traffic Services has been working vigorously over the past couple of weeks to produce this historic piece of content. The GTA Sub Community Senior Management Team is very excited and proud of the work that Cst. Torque has done, and we're grateful for the opportunity to announce the release of this Pilot Episode. A new podcast episode will be released bi-weekly on a Sunday or Monday. A more concrete schedule will be available in the future. "In the first Mounties Gaming Podcast I sit down and talk to Inspector Tek about his current position change, and what he does in the community. Then, I have a chat with Sgt Michael about the upcoming Pack upgrade and some of the things included in the development. I also report on the most recent update to GTA V Online". -Cst. Torque, Traffic Services If you have ideas for the MG Podcast, please email Cst Torque at or through the MG Website. Ranger, Superintendent Office of the Superintendents San Andreas Provincial Police Torque, Constable Traffic Services San Andreas Provincial Police
  13. Members, Effective February 6th, the Office of the Superintendents would like to announce the following Commissioned Officer promotions. Please join us in congratulating our newest Officer in Charge of the Operations division, Inspector Tek and our newest Commissioned Officer within the Office of the Superintendents, Superintendent Damien. Both members have exemplified the core values of this Community and have worked vigorously, effectively, and with great impact within their roles over the course of their many years of service. The Office of the Superintendents is confident that both members will continue to live up to these high standards. We wish both of these members the best of luck in their new positions and look forward to working with both of them. Office of the Superintendents San Andreas Provincial Police, Fire, EMS
  14. New Gaming Mouse

    Haters going to hate, MGC appreciates ;)
  15. New Gaming Mouse

    My favourite mouse I've ever had :)