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Wyatt Diaz

SAPP Constable
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About Wyatt Diaz

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    Field Training Officer
  • Birthday 11/04/2002

Profile Information

  • Gender Male
  • Location St.Louis
  • Interests - Breathing
    - Eating
    - Living
  • GFWL ID Wyattlgpiie
  • Steam Username Wyattlgpie
  • Social Club Username Wyattlgpie

GTA 5 Community Member Information

  • GTA 5 Units SAPP Detachment
  • GTA 5 Callsign 694
  • GTA 5 Rank Constable
  • GTA 5 ID Number 59455

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    Hi Matthew! In my free time I enjoy sitting around relaxing, or watching you tube! I enjoy watching Baseball, but I'm a little lazy to play it lol! I joined the MGC in March of 2017, and I have loved it sense! I recently joined FTO and so far its been alot of fun! I cant wait to see you on the roads! As you said, I also support LEO's all over the world, and I do have a strong passion for Role playing, as Officer, or Civillian! I would love to see you hop on the Ts and hang around just to get to know you! See ya around! - Wyatt Diaz
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