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  1. Hello

    Moved topic to Public General Discussion Reason: This is not an announcement!
  2. RIP World


    Just got my permit....

  3. The Meme Of Today: 



  4. Running GTA 5

    @G.Cass I should be on this weekend, just grab me when ya see me ;)
  5. Running GTA 5

    Hi there! I am on a Nvidia 1050 TI (not sure the GB) with an Intel i-3 (I know basic right) I am able to play GTA V with roughly 59-60 FPS.... If it interest you at all, with Nvivida Experience (aka shadowplay) your able to record and keep your 60 FPS. I am also able to use Make visuals great again.
  6. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy Birthday, Exact!
  7. Hello, MG! I and a few others (Stubbz, Kevin, Richer, Michael, Daniel, Justin and a whole lot more) have started to play Arma III Life on this server called Olympus. We play just about all the time and its a lot of fun, gang wars, drugs mining rebels and a much much more. Recently we have been playing on Olympus Server 2 during the day and Server 3 in the evenings. If you are interested in playing around with us let Me, Stubbz or Richer know so we can invite you to our gang! Can't wait to see you join :D
  8. MGC YouTube Videos (Post Them Here)

    Five M | Mounties Gaming | Life Flight 77 Activation | Corporal Wyatt ↑ Watch LIVE From Twitch → www.twitch.tv/wyattlgpie
  9. Check out the Mounties Gaming #MGCC Social Club group for GTA Online!



  10. MGC Twitch Streams (Share them here!)

    Check out my Twitch & Follow! I plan on streaming ARMA III, GTA Online, Five M Patrols, Six Seige and MUCH More! Check it out - https://www.twitch.tv/wyattlgpie
  11. Mounties Gaming! If you live stream to Twitch, share your stream to the community! If you stream, join the MGC "Twitch group" → https://www.twitch.tv/communities/mountiesgamingcommunity
  12. Only 1 more week!!

    chicagofire .png

  13.   - Good song ;) -