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  1. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    then again thats still alot of 14000 so my other assessment was way off xD
  2. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    What I've included is, 3 Flights to the nearest International Airport. A flight to LAX which is the cheapest flight. Accommodation, Travel [Plane or what ever] to the Nth West, Airsoft Weapon hire. BB tubes, Equipment. 400 for the first 451 for the second to Albury [YMAY] then 450 to Sydney. 1000+ to LAX then all the other stuff, I did some math and its about 10000... so I should have really said the tickets are about 2000 and all the other stuff required is add its up. Soz about that, hope you didn't have nightmares!
  3. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    Yeah, I'm not going just wondering if anyone else in the Community was going. would love two but owning Airsoft guns is Illegal, along with transportation and ticket prices from here to the US is 14,000+ so I doubt ill be going anytime soon. I'll stick to paintball
  4. Is anyone here going to Milsim West’s “The Caspian Breakout?” Just curious
  5. Loving the New look for MG!

  6. Post a photo of your setup!

    Does this Count as a "Setup" btw there is a Joystick behind me, but I don't use it unless I'm flying in FSX. Have a Great Day!