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  1. Vegas

    Gamble your life away
  2. Strat, Please leave your complaints with the people who actually care
  3. Isn't it spelled Valuable?
  4. At War Game 5/13/2017

    So are we still down for this?
  5. Anyone interested in getting an RP game of At-War this Saturday? I'm looking to do 8 or 9 Community Time since I'm on shift for 24 hours the next day and want to get some sleep. Post below if interested and hopefully we can get a solid game going
  6. AtWar game tonight? :)

    Round 2 tonight?
  7. AtWar game tonight? :)

    I'll be there and I already called my country. K Thanks
  8. ALSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Responding looks like it has the graphics capacity of the Atari... Couple of salty lads decided to make a game and it looks like potato.
  9. Responding seems like a rip off of Emergenyc
  10. You read that right! A group of modders are bringing the city we love to Los Santos! The video will explain more
  11. Interesting video from a segment on 60 minutes that's going to air on Sunday,
  12. VOTE FOR US!

    If you haven't voted.. what the heck are you waiting for!!!!