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2017-11-18 : A new announcement has been posted regarding significant changes in the community.  Please view here

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  3. Update - Along with our transition back to our roots, the following will be occurring this week: the website platform will be changed, modified, and some parts may be updated basic vehicle, pedestrian, etc assets will be modified on the server internal chat platforms may be modified, and simplified for use persons in a leadership role may receive new login access to platforms the core values will be published more predominately
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  5. Shoutout to the OG's

    Thanks for the kind shout out Griffin! It's been great working with you over the years and I really appreciate everything you've done for the community. We've had some really great times in GTA, ARMA, AtWar, and all the other random games we've played... hopefully there will be more! Best of luck to you my friend!
  6. Shoutout to the OG's

    ok my boi. see ya on the battlefield
  7. Last week
  8. Shoutout to the OG's

    Keeping my options open ;) Just shouting out to the OG's yknow
  9. Shoutout to the OG's

    Yeah I'll be around, lurking and a smirkin'
  10. Shoutout to the OG's

    Aw mate... We sure did !. Its been great, good memories. Hope to see you around!
  11. Hello

    Moved topic to Public General Discussion Reason: This is not an announcement!
  12. Hello

    Sorry haven’t been on in a while. Computer broke and working on purchasing a new one
  13. Shoutout to the OG's

    Yes fun times, maybe some day we can do that again.
  14. Shoutout to the OG's

    @Griffinu leaving my boi?
  15. Shoutout to the OG's

    Good luck griffin
  16. Shoutout to the OG's

    Haha just once? I was a MASTER At War player :^) Played people like violins
  17. Shoutout to the OG's

    @Griffin I got mad at you once over AtWar :P Lmao
  18. Shoutout to the OG's

    @Ryan Bro, there are literally hundreds of people I could've mentioned but it's hard to think of everyone. @Haphazardâ„¢I know you're watching, my (now worse than me) but originally better than me siege teammate.
  19. Shoutout to the OG's

    Wow....... Really? Nothing about me?
  20. Shoutout to the OG's

    OG GREG! :D <33 Greg I remember when we went down to broker dukes every patrol and did narco patrol lol
  21. Shoutout to the OG's

    Griffin, I heard that Greg was a great person to ;)
  22. It's been real, more than 4 years! Thanks for the good times and good memories. Shoutout to the OG's, Richard (Not here anymore, but my depot buddy.) Salem - illest mofo to cross mounties path, a true pal. Charlie - CHARLIE! The candy mountain charlie :') VMaxx - My best friend to come from Mounties, always a cheeky cunt. Almeida - OG cop extraordinaire and Arma papa. Richer - I don't know what I've been told, but _____ is mighty cold. :^) Most annoying arma CPL ever. Phrozen - Honestly the backbone of keeping Mounties going for as long as it has. Much respect. Michael - My friend who we always shit talked about everyone else with xD I'll see you again Brightz - SAFE guy who we relentlessly tore into but I was happy when he finally left us for a better place (to be some fire guy in texas.) Dive - WHO DO YOU KNOW, CHICAGO FD I KNOW A GUY. As cheeky and annoying as he was, was definitely a loss for this place. Tek - You're okay my dude. RIP too soon. Plenty of others - Too many to think of, post below if I forget you and I get my final shitpost comments in lol. p.s Mart - Came back after so long away, the man, the myth, the legend. We came up together :')
  23. Announcement - ARMA

    New TeamSpeak address for Arma 3 is as follows:
  24. Announcement - Nov 18, 2017 Royal Canadian Mounted Police _______________________________ After much discussion, debate, and planning at the senior and unit leadership level - we are returning to our roots as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The following adaptions will take us forward: SAPP will be no more, the RCMP will return SAFE, and OCC will remain untouched SIU will be no more, all persons will investigate issues We will establish 3 unique divisions realistic to the RCMP Active RCMP members will be integrated into leadership CIV will be under reassessment, further info to follow Three (3) unique divisions will be established: Criminal Operations - view org chart here Corporate Services - view org chart here Support Services - view org chart here View Entire Organizational Structure Transition Info: Executive leadership changes will be effective immediately IT platforms will be updated and changed, including pack, teamspeak, website and skins Leadership has approved, further discussion will establish and adapt strategies Developers will be reassessed, those remaining will be financially compensated via Staff Rewards Unit level changes will occur systematically, not immediately a 5:1 supervisor reporting structure will be established
  25. Announcement - ARMA

    Hi folks, After a discussion with Community Manager Almeida, we have conclude that ARMA needs to build it's own identity and focus on overall growth moving forth. Effective immediately, ARMA will host it's own teamspeak server. Those of you whom may be affected by this change, must further speak with Almeida. We hope the best for the ARMA community.
  26. Please be advised that Michael has exited his role as inspector, this role will be filled accordingly. Additional information regarding this role, and future changes will be made available this evening. We wish Michael all the best in his future endeavors.
  27. Watch 2 - Sergeant. Kevin

    Everyone please join me in congratulating Kevin on completing his acting portion of becoming Sergeant, Kevin is now a full Sergeant within Watch 2! I am confident that Kevin will do an exceptional job while in that position. Regards,
  28. RIP World


    Just got my permit....

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