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  4. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    then again thats still alot of 14000 so my other assessment was way off xD
  5. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    What I've included is, 3 Flights to the nearest International Airport. A flight to LAX which is the cheapest flight. Accommodation, Travel [Plane or what ever] to the Nth West, Airsoft Weapon hire. BB tubes, Equipment. 400 for the first 451 for the second to Albury [YMAY] then 450 to Sydney. 1000+ to LAX then all the other stuff, I did some math and its about 10000... so I should have really said the tickets are about 2000 and all the other stuff required is add its up. Soz about that, hope you didn't have nightmares!
  6. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAPP Conducts Homeless Outreach Good Day, On October 15th, 2017 the San Andreas Provincial Police conducted rounds of homeless outreach within Zone 3. Staff Sergeant Gavin through partnerships of several community organizations converged onto San Andreas Ave x Sinners Passage. The area has been identified to be frequented by several persons who've taken up refuge underneath this bridge pictured below. Upon making contact, Information & instructions was distributed in reference to several homeless assistance trust locations in the area. Those of which provided these unfortunate but greatly appreciative residents of San Andreas the opportunity to take on a new chance at life. These efforts have proven to be effective as more services are being offered to those in need. Homeless Outreach is an important function that can be taken by all members of the SAPP. The Provincial Police will continue to Educate and Encourage individuals to use services provided by the Continuum of Care. Our agency will make every effort to Educate and Encourage individuals before Enforcement takes place when applicable. Thank You.
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  8. Civilian Meeting 1300 CT!!

    Meeting for ALL GTA 5 Community Members, including civilian-only rated members Date: 10/10/2017 Time: 1300 Clan Time Changes are coming to the civilian program in the community, including who will be allowed to go in game as a civilian and what kind of guidelines will be followed by those who do to maintain a high quality of role play.
  9. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    happy birthday
  10. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy Birthday
  11. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy Birthday Exact!
  12. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Civilian Program

    Dear Community, The Inspector's office has been consistently looking at how we can develop our Civilian Program to improve roleplay in the community. The topic of appointing a Civilian Coordinator has been repeatedly discussed in order to accomplish this goal. With that being said we would like to thank and congratulate Almeida on his appointment as Civilian Coordinator. Almeida will not be filling this role forever and we are leveraging his experience with starting new programs within Mounties Gaming. If anyone has any questions regarding the Civilian Program please address them to Almeida. Who can be a Civilian? With these changes, the Inspector's Office and Civilian Coordinator feel it's necessary to no longer treat the Civilian program as a sub-unit since everyone that is currently in the GTA Community is to be considered a Civilian. We appreciate your cooperation with Almeida in regards to all Civilian affairs
  14. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy birthday Exact!
  16. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy Birthday, Exact!
  17. Happy Birthday Exact!!

    Happy birthday Exact!
  18. I would like to personally wish Exact a happy Birthday! I hope you have a great evening and enjoy your birthday presents!
  19. ARMA III LIFE - Come Join Us!

    Welcome to Olympus. hope you are enjoying it so far.
  20. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    TBH i've never even heard of a flight that expensive, maybe you elected for the $21,000 option on emirates airlines
  21. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    Yes, when he is throwing out a 12000 figure for flying and ticket for entry, $200 is "only", lmao that means that $11800 is on flight alone? xD
  22. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    "only $200"
  23. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    On behalf of the Inspectors Office we would like to wish you all a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!!! We have decided to make the teamspeak more festive with a Turkey tag that anyone can assign, also take a look at some of the new channels!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving_(Canada)
  24. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    $12000??? What are you flying a rolls royce or something? That's an expensive flight. And tickets are only like $200 I think
  25. ARMA III LIFE - Come Join Us!

  26. Hello, MG! I and a few others (Stubbz, Kevin, Richer, Michael, Daniel, Justin and a whole lot more) have started to play Arma III Life on this server called Olympus. We play just about all the time and its a lot of fun, gang wars, drugs mining rebels and a much much more. Recently we have been playing on Olympus Server 2 during the day and Server 3 in the evenings. If you are interested in playing around with us let Me, Stubbz or Richer know so we can invite you to our gang! Can't wait to see you join :D
  27. Anyone here going to Milsim West?

    I really want to go to a milsim west event but im a noob so i dont
  28. IM looking for a OCC CTO. 

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