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  2. December 13, 2017 Royal Canadian Mounted Police FiveM Server Update - 1.01 Effective immediately, the following server changes have occurred: We have brought winter to San Andreas! The weather is now set to snow by default and will remain until after winter. A new death script has been implemented. When you die in game your body now remains and you do not respawn by default. You can respawn by having a member of SAFE do /revive ID or if there are no SAFE members you can use /revive Server time and weather are now synced among all players. At the beginning of each patrol, the Watch Commander can use the command /time HH MM to set the time and the command /weather WEATHER to set the weather. **Be advised that the weather command will not work while the snow script is enabled on the server. An RCMP helicopter has been implemented under the Maverick Police helicopter slot. The LifeFlight helicopter has been re-implemented under the Buckingham Supervolito slot. The Bearcat (Brute Police Riot Van) has had a skin change to RCMP. All uniforms under the Cop Male and Sheriff Male slots have been re-textured, fixing any previous texture errors. A Cadet variant has been added to the Sheriff Male PED slot. An updated Delete Vehicle script has been enabled. Usage is /dv As always the following documents have been updated to reflect all server changes: Server Commands Vehicles and Uniforms If you have any questions, please direct them up your chain of command. Happy holidays from the Development Team! -- Regards, Jeff, Senior Manager Head of Business Development Royal Canadian Mounted Police jeff@grandtheftauto.ca Ben, Developer Grand Theft Auto Development Team Royal Canadian Mounted Police ben@grandtheftauto.ca Pierce, Developer Grand Theft Auto Development Team Royal Canadian Mounted Police pierce@grandtheftauto.ca
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  4. Announcement - December 11 , 2017 Royal Canadian Mounted Police TeamSpeak_______________________________ On behalf of myself and C/Supt. Damien I am happy to announce the Beta Release of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police TeamSpeak server! All members need to switch over to the new TeamSpeak server, and request tags from a Senior Member of the community. ts3.grandtheftauto.ca Within the new TeamSpeak server you will notices "Access Level" tags. Depending on your rank or position within the community you will have a different access level: Access Level 1 - Chief Superintendents Access Level 2 - Executive Officers / Senior Managers Access Level 3 - Staff Sergeants / Chiefs / OCC Manager Access Level 4 - Sergeants / Captains Access Level 5 - Corporals / Lieutenants Access Level 6 - Constables / Firefighters / Paramedics / Operators / Civillians Access Level 7 - Cadets / Recruit Operators Access Level 8 - Guest to the TeamSpeak Server If you have any questions related to the TeamSpeak please direct them to myself at David@grandtheftauto.ca David, Sergeant Major Corporate Services, Executive Officer Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  5. Hello All!

    Cant wait to have you back!!
  6. Hello All!

    Great to hear! Good luck!
  7. Hello All!

    Hey everyone sorry for not being on lately! I recently have had a job and been trying to make money for a new Laptop since mine broke. Right now since Christmas had to be right when I get all these lovely paychecks had to buy Christmas for everyone. So I am getting my laptop fixed and should be back and going here soon! Can’t wait to come back!!!!
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  9. miss you <3

  10. Civilians, Moving forward, you will be responsible for adding your own calls to the CAD to be dispatched to the units in game. You all have been given the "Dispatcher" option for you to be able to do so. Things that are required when adding a call for service: * Address - Street name and nearest cross street. * Nature - What kind of call it is. * General Synopsis- What is going on? Why do you need Police, Fire, or EMS Remember the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When, Weapons Who they are.. What the're doing... Where the're doing it.... When did they do it... Do you know if they have any weapons? I understand sometimes you can't get all the info listed above, But give as much as you can. Dispatchers have the final say in whether or not the call will be dispatched based on the info provided in the call that you have made. So please make sure the calls you are making are in good taste and somewhat realistic. Any question please feel free to ask me. Thanks, Ryan
  11. Patrol schedule Change?

    Hello Tragic, my name is Cpl. Danno. I understand your frustrations but we have chose this time after many different time changes. For the community as a whole it would be better to stay where we are cause most of us are scholars and most have jobs. I am sorry it doesn't work out but changing the time will affect the rest of the community. Thank you for your interest and if you want to, you can apply to be a CIV. Thanks, Corporal Danno PDS

  13. Patrol schedule Change?

    I can say this to you. Most of us live in the us. we all have jobs and school. Many people are not on until 4:00 est. if you can find people who are on at this time then you could try to.
  14. Patrol schedule Change?

    HI! Metro here. I'm new and have been watching you guys for a long time. I recently decided to join you guys. So I applied did the interview but was denied. I live in Sweden and therefore have the time difference of 6 hours from EST. they told me that I basically have to stay up until 2 am which is 8 est to be able to play with you guys which I can't and won't do. now my immediate thought was. why can't they just have a few patrols earlier like around 3-5pm anytime between that would suit people outside of the US. I love rp and jump at any chance to do it. so far I play in GTA 5 hosted lobbies for rp civ and cop but I wanted to step up to the modded community in GTA 5 but was denied so due to the schedule not being changed. would it be possible to have a few patrols earlier. it can't hurt, right?. what are you thoughts on this.
  15. CTO Stubbz

    I am pleased to announce that CTO Stubbz, Control 07, has received the OCC Medal Of Service. Stubbz has gone above and beyond to help make OCC better. He is always willing to step in and help out with any task that he is presented with. Thank you Stubbz for all your hard work and dedication and the will to help out even though you have other community commitments.
  16. Effective immediately, we have implemented a brand new dedicated FiveM server that has double the processing power. Most of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) assets have been added - which include vehicles, uniforms, and various new scripts! Blip markers have also been removed from the map / nav to increase realism and role play. You asked for it, and we provided! You will be required to connect to a new server address. Furthermore, you must download and update your current files for this RCMP Asset Release. You should not need to submit a new whitelist request, the old server will be shut down this week. Server Information Name: "Royal Canadian Mounted Police" Server: fivem.grandtheftauto.ca ( Resources Download new RCMP Assets for install View a listing of script commands and usages View a listing of vehicles and uniforms How to Install Download the RCMP Assets for install Drag all contents of the “GTA V Folder” into your Grand Theft Auto V main directory, overwriting where necessary Drag all contents of the “FiveM Application Data Folder” into your FiveM Application Data main directory, overwriting where necessary (Default path: Users\*user*\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveMApplicationData) Support Please escalate incidents of support, questions, or concerns through your chain of command. In the coming weeks, we will be implementing a support help desk which will be able to provide you support directly. -- Damien, Chief Superintendent Corporate Services, Commanding Officer damien@grandtheftauto.ca
  17. Hi all, I wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know that Grand Theft Auto V is 50% off today on Steam for their Cyber Monday sale. For anyone who has been wanting to purchase the game but has not had the funds to do so, you can get it today for $29.99 USD. The link to the Steam Store can be found here. Happy purchasing!
  18. Shoutout to the OG's

    Gonna miss my FTO. You're the reason I'm great at running code 3!!
  19. Update - Along with our transition back to our roots, the following will be occurring this week: the website platform will be changed, modified, and some parts may be updated basic vehicle, pedestrian, etc assets will be modified on the server internal chat platforms may be modified, and simplified for use persons in a leadership role may receive new login access to platforms the core values will be published more predominately
  20. Shoutout to the OG's

    Thanks for the kind shout out Griffin! It's been great working with you over the years and I really appreciate everything you've done for the community. We've had some really great times in GTA, ARMA, AtWar, and all the other random games we've played... hopefully there will be more! Best of luck to you my friend!
  21. Shoutout to the OG's

    ok my boi. see ya on the battlefield
  22. Shoutout to the OG's

    Keeping my options open ;) Just shouting out to the OG's yknow
  23. Shoutout to the OG's

    Yeah I'll be around, lurking and a smirkin'
  24. Shoutout to the OG's

    Aw mate... We sure did !. Its been great, good memories. Hope to see you around!
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